Saturday, November 10, 2012

So Much!

So much has happened since my last blog post.  Remember that Chase grant that we worked so hard to get? Well, the research it funded resulted in doctors identifying a genetic mutation that causes AHC!  I will link to the post from the AHC page that explains what this means if you'd like to take a read:

Del has already been tested for the gene and does in have the genetic mutation that causes AHC.  What we hope is that now that researchers have identified this mutation, they can study it and attempt to develop medication that will be more effective at treating AHC.

Of course, this means that additional research needs to be funded.  Over the last year or so I haven't been able to formulate any cohesive plan for raising more money for AHC.  I donate each month to the foundation and attended the AHC Walk in Lake Zurich in September.  Part of the reason I've been so hesitant to come out with a new plan for fundraising is that our friends and family have already been so generous and I hate to ask for more.  (Or at least I hate to ask for more without giving something in exchange).  I'm not sure that people just want to connect to this blog to see me logging my miles by running and while I really enjoyed the cookie baking, I think I sent cookies to everyone who had an immediate want for those and it seemed to come to a natural end on its own.

I have a new idea though, and I don't think there's any harm in trying out a new idea if it raises even one more dollar for AHC research. So here it goes:

Those who know me know I love to cook.  I mean, I would spend every Friday night at the grocery store if I could, I like it that much. Over the years, as I've gotten more comfortable in the kitchen, rather than following a recipe by the book, I generally just read a couple recipes from a couple cookbooks or online, and then improvise.  Some of those recipes turn out to be worth sharing. (Or at least I think so).

What I propose to do is put up the "keeper" recipes on this website as they happen.  This may be once a week, twice a week or twice a month.  If you decide to try and like the recipe (or even just pick up a cooking tip from one of the recipes I've posted), please consider donating a $1 or more to AHC. (Just see the link on the sidebar).  Easy as that.  While this may not be the most ambitious fundraiser, I hope it brings value to anyone who decides to donate.  (I also will try to be more vigilant about updating the blog with any progress in AHC research and other fundraisers for AHC).  It also marries two of the things I love most, cooking and Del.

My first test recipe is on the stove now, and with any luck, I'll post it here tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you came up with. Great idea, Sweetheart.