Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aerial Yoga for Del!

Well I'm rapidly approaching 750 miles, which means I will be 75% done with my challenge!  If you haven't had a chance yet, please read a little about AHC and consider donating to help me meet my fundraising goal of $20,000 by October 21st, my niece Del's 2nd birthday!

Another way to support AHC would be to attend an aerial yoga class taught by my sister Katrina's dear friend Kristy Deskovitz!
 Kristy is absolutely amazing to do this, and if that weren't enough, she's also running a marathon to raise money for AHC research! Check out www.marathon4del.com!  Kristy is the second of my family's friends to sign up to run a marathon to raise money for AHC.  Obviously we are beyond blessed.


  1. Our family sure is blessed, Gara!

  2. Anyway - I sure wish I could see Kristy in action!